On Silence and Cacophony and Things That Soothe the Soul

I woke up yesterday morning to silence which happens to me exactly never and made me think that there was a strange and awesome aligning of the planets… or that kind, gentle faeries came in the night to cast magical, sleeping mommy spells… or that I suddenly went blessedly deaf… or that the Rapture happened and I didn’t make the cut and the apocalypse has been terribly misunderstood and only ever wanted to come in peace, after all. ...  read more

The Mouse and the Mommy Cycle

I stuck my mascara wand in my left eye this morning because my left eye back-talked me and violence is always the solution.

Now, technically, my left eye didn’t say anything out loud, but that’s only because it lacks the means to do so. The way it was blinking all passive-aggressive at me just really yanked my chain, you guys.

You might think I’m overreacting, but right after I popped my left eye a good one, it popped me right back with a Super Blink. You know the one. The extra watery, blurry, deep eye crunch? The one that paints your entire eye socket and cheek with wet mascara? The one that says, “Oh, yeah, lady? You think you can poke me with your mascara wand? Well, take this,” and leaves muddy tracks down the side of your face just to make a point? ...  read more

The Measure of My Success

I started vacation with a partially empty emotional bucket, rather eager to refill it. And now that I’m on vacation, I’m splashing relaxation frantically towards the bucket, hoping some of it will land inside and I’ll be magically refilled. I like to be realistic; it’s one of my best things.

But vacation is like sleep. Incredibly awesome. In shorter supply than I would like. And very challenging to do successfully with a limited amount of time. ...  read more

The Kid Who Doesn’t Sleep

I’m sitting in bed right now…

(OK, I’m not actually sitting in bed right now, because it’s 5:30 in the afternoon. I mean, I wish I was in bed right now, but my kids expect me to involved and aware and stuff. Their expectations regularly and seriously cut into my more natural lazy tendencies. Kids are, like, extrinsic motivation personified. ...  read more

My children are Not Very sick, and I have THINGS to do.

Four-fifths of my children are home sick today.

They’re not very sick. They’re just sort of sick, living in that strange place between being really sick and perfectly healthy.

I bet you know the place. Don’t you?

It’s that place in the school handbook that reads, “Please keep your children at home for at least 24 hours after symptoms of fever, vomiting and/or diarrhea subside.” ...  read more

On Working Tirelessly

I read a compelling article recently about a mama who advocated for her son with special needs. She overcame tremendous obstacles. She loved her son with abandon. She never gave up. It was a beautiful, terrible, sad, triumphant, inspiring story.

But then I tripped over one tiny phrase in the middle of it all.

She worked tirelessly to advocate for her son.  ...  read more

Give Napping A Chance

I had the crud last weekend.

I don’t know about you, but around here everyone knows that the crud is a cat burglar who ransacks my house, steals my patience and grace, and leaves behind an unreasonable state of mama mind wherein I forget that I actually like my children and that I wouldn’t give them away to the first traveling salesman who offers me a trip to a day spa, a fruity cocktail and a real, breathing, live-in maid named Mercy. ...  read more