Everything You Need to Know About Big Sisters and Little Brothers

I’m a big sister with a little brother, and I could write a treatise on the subject.

  • About how we boss leadership you because we love you (and because you’re pathetic and you need us.)
  • About how we use words to torture you because a) words are superior weapons and do longer term damage, and b) words cause you to lash out with your fists which is how we most reliably get you into trouble.
  • And about how much it sucks when you grow old enough and large enough to answer our leadershippy words by picking us up, tossing us over a shoulder, carrying us to the front lawn, dumping our asses in the grass, calmly strolling back inside, and locking us out of the house.

Instead of all of that, though, everything you need to know about big sisters and little brothers is summed up in this picture of my niece tackling her little brother to her princess bed and holding him down while she buttons up the pretty pink dress she talked him into wearing. ...  read more